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Functional English Course

For Whom :

First step for learners who wish to build  their communication skill.


  • Is to develop
    1. An ability to translate any information from his mother tongue into English.
    2. An ability to use structures correctly.
    3. Clarity on functional usage of structures.
    4. Shifting his attitude from “Can I ?” to “I can”


Brief Contents

  1. Importance of communication skills
  2. Attitude
  3. Creating simple sentences
  4. Communicating simple instructions
  5. Usage of adjectives
  6. Usage of adverbs – 1
  7. Usage of adverbs – 2
  8. Usage of adverbs – 3
  9. Usage of pronouns
  10. Clarity on possessive noun and its usage
  11. Articles: usage of ” a/an”
  12. Articles: usage of “the”
  13. Verbs and its forms
  14. Irregular verbs
  15. Usage of sense verbs 1
  16. Usage of sense verbs 2
  17. Usage of sense verbs 3
  18. Possessions
  19. State of being
  20. Actions: usage of present singular and plural verb
  21. Actions: usage of present participle 1
  22. Actions: usage of present participle 2
  23. Actions: usage of past tense verb
  24. Actions: usage of past participle
  25. Actions: extra applications
  26. Actions: structures, titles and its functions
  27. Negative sentences
  28. Usage of ‘do’ forms
  29. Usage of confirmation questions 1
  30. Usage of confirmation questions 2
  31. Usage of information questions 1
  32. Usage of information questions 2
  33. Passive voice day 1
  34. Passive voice day 2
  35. Passive voice day 3
  36. Asking and requesting permission
  37. Indirect speech 1
  38. Revision
  39. Assessment
  40. farewell

Outputs  :

  • The learner gains confidence by increasing his vocabulary, practicing basic patterns, by beginning to read and understand words and sentences in English.

Course project

Without developing a skill to communicate in English a student cannot speak English,
Skill is developed only by implementation of the trained knowledge and
Implementation needs clarity. So

The course project is aimed to check, if our student has that clarity on the subject. and we measure it through his ability to teach.
Once our student completes the course, we challenge the student to teach what he has learnt to at least five people. and later we will conduct assessment to those five trained candidates and based on their performance we give credentials to our student .


Everyone who completes the course project successfully gets a certificate.


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