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Foundation English Course

For Whom :

For those who cannot Readwrite / Communicate   in English language.

Objectives :

  • Is to make a student strong in reading, writing and usage of basic vocabulary in English. And
    Shifting his attitude from “Can I ?” to “I can”


Brief Contents

Unit 1.        Alphabets and sounds

Unit 2.       Word formation

Unit 3.        Commonly used 2,3,4 and  5  letter words

Unit 4.        Days and months

Unit 5.        Numbers

Unit 6.        Body parts and common   aliments

Unit 7.        Words with silent letters

Unit 8.        The sham and other related words

Unit 9.       Prefix and suffix

Unit 10.     Relationships

Unit 11.      Professions

Unit 12.     Describing words

Unit 13.      Time words

Unit 14.      Location words

Unit 15.      Homonyms

Unit 16.      Homophones

Unit 17.      Singular and plural rules

Unit 18.     Some useful expressions

Unit 19.     Action words

Unit 20.     Expressions that express feelings

Unit 21.     Giving compliments

Unit 22.     Adverbs of manner

Unit 23.     Some expressions with let

Unit 24.     Words about travelling

Unit 25.     Words related to office and business

Unit 26.     Words about shopping

Unit 27.     Words technology

Unit 28.    Connecting words

Unit 29.    Words related to personal information

Unit 30.    Words related to places

Unit 31.     Words related to hobbies and interest

Unit 32.    Campus vocabulary

Unit 33.    Vocabulary related to news and views

Unit 34.    vocabulary related to invitations

Unit 35.    vocabulary related to narration

Unit 36.    one word substitutions

Unit 37.    phrasal verbs

Unit 38.    Tips to communicate

Unit 39.    Revision

Unit 40 .  Assessment

Outputs :

This course empowers learners to hold everyday conversation with ease and clarity.

Course project

Without developing a skill to communicate in English a student cannot speak English,
Skill is developed only by implementation of the trained knowledge and
Implementation needs clarity. So

The course project is aimed to check, if our student has that clarity on the subject. and we measure it through his ability to teach.
Once our student completes the course, we challenge the student to teach what he has learnt to at least five people. and later we will conduct assessment to those five trained candidates and based on their performance we give credentials to our student .


Everyone who completes the course project successfully gets a certificate.



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